9-12 of March



Ramundberget is one of the world’s most snow secure ski resorts


Competition information. Here you will find all information you nedd for the competition. Vaccination, trailmaps, doping rules etc.


Ramundberget offers accommodation for all needs and wishes; hotel, apartments, cottages, hostel and camping.

Meet our most important team members. Our dogs

Sled dogs can be categorised into two groups, depending on whether or not they are pure bred. Only the four breeds listed below are classified as pure bred sled dogs and are recognised by the FCI (World Canine Organisation).

Sled dogs which have interbred with other breeds, such as greyhounds, are not classified as pure bred sled dogs. The WSA World Championships in Ramundberget are restricted to pure bred sled dogs, so only the following four breeds will be represented at the starting-line


Welcome to the WSA/IFSS World Sleddog Championships for RNB (Registered Nordic Breeds)

in Ramundberget, Sweden 2022.

We hope that you will enjoy our service and hospitality while in Ramundberget.

We will be at your disposal both before and during the event. This page provides general information about the Championship and Ramundberget as the venue, as well as detailed information about the services available on site. Remember to check back frequently as the information here will be continuously updated. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail (see below for our contact information)

Ramundberget is one of the world’s most snow safe ski resorts.

The trails in Ramundberget is part of the Nordic Ski Center, the largest system of connected trails in the world.  During winter there are trails over the mountains, through the valleys, hilly and flat, amongst birch and fir-tree forests. Here is where the national teams in cross country from all all over the world comes to train. And 2022 the trails will host the the worlds greatest sled-dog teams.

  • Perfect place
  • At the end of the road
  • Great trails
  • Everything within 250m
  • Dogs at stake out. 
  • Stay in cabin/apartment
    • 2000 beds
  • Great for family and kids
  • Restaurant 500 guests
  • Conference possibilities for sponsors
  • Private owned

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