We are stronger together! We are greatful for the support we get from our sponsors, partners and suppliers. Read on to find out mer about who they are and what they do.

Ramundberget is a genuinely small scale alternative for those who wish to look beyond industry and mass consumption. Sure we have parks, restaurants, childrens’ areas and spas. But as we adopt such facilities, we do it in line with the foundations upon which this place was built. We are not likely to become a place for each and all, yet to more and more people we seem to be only ski resort in their minds.


Robur represents our striving to achieve and maintain the highest quality based on the latest research while maintaining our authenticity. Our Swedish origin is our strength, combining the purity and natural character of Bozita brand products with state-of-the-art nutrition to create Bozita Robur – The Functional Dog Food.


Axaeco is based in Gafsele, Southern Lapland, Sweden, since 2007.

They  offer high quality equipment designed for racing sled dogs and active dogs.

Innovative design, advanced technology and performance define our high standard products.

They sell all over Europe.

is an Italian company located in Palazzo Pignano (Cremona), leader in the market of veterinarian products since 30 years. ICF started making a name for itself introducing the micro encapsulation technique in the formulation of insecticide. This innovative technique combines an efficacy prolonged in time together with the opportunity to reduce concentration of the active principles. This means a very low impact on the environment! Which we like


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