Pre check of all dogs health condition, vaccination, passports
and pedegrees.
This is mandatory for all dogs before they will be allowed into
the stakeout-area. Sick dogs will not be allowed into the Stakeout
area or the stadion.
All teams that are clear will get a green “inspected” sticker on
the car/trailer. Cars without the green sticker will not be allowed
at the stakout neither before or during the championship..

• Timeperiod Tuesday (10.00 - 18.00)
• Timeperiod Wednesday (10.00 - 17.00)
• Wednesday after 17.00 Extra charge 200,- Euro


From all road direction you will find signs that will direct you to the VETERINARY CHECK.

The Pre Vet Check (RED CIRCLE) will be located 10 km before Ramundberget. (BLUE CIRCLE)
More detalied informaion will be posted

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